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Dangreve guns M.81-87
Country: Pteroslavia
Designer: Colonel Javec Dangreve

Additional: Though both guns were originally designed to fire shrapnel and fragmentation shells at opposing infantry and artillery positions, both guns were tested with new delay-timed high explosive shells. They were never supplied for the M.83, as it was considered obsolete by 1900. The M.87, however would continue on as a reserve light gun until at least 1920 before being sold off or scrapped, even receiving and early dedicated anti-tank round, utilizing an early ballistic cap design with a high-explosive filler.

They were praised for their accuracy and easiness to use, but were quickly swept into obscurity by the staggeringly paced arms race between the world powers at the time.

(Edit, added M.81 on 'Silesian' Mounting)
Developed for use on Pteroslavia's riverine monitors and small cruisers.
Europe ~1850
{([ Now in Glorious new Format!! ])}

Following the grand wars of the Napoleonic Era, which in our new continuity saw the use of very early breechloaders and steam-powered vessels, Europe found itself under a reign of relative peace. Napoleon, one of the greatest tactical minds of the 19th century, had been executed by Innocentia for high treason, as he was originally a Corsican citizen, and was therefore found subject to their laws. After the tenuous decade of peace following his hanging,  Europe was again gripped by war when the Ottoman Empire marched across the Bosphorus to lay claim to the Balkan Peninsula, tearing apart the final vestiges of the 'Roman Empire' in Byzantium and sending a shockwave through the Balkans. Serbia, Italy, Innocentia, Pteroslavia, and Britain worked together and pushed them back out of Europe, but the damage was done. Serbia was split by Nationalism, though in reality it still held much influence over the Balkan Region. Pteroslavia guaranteed Greece its freedom in exchange for a naval base on Crete, called 'Twierdza Neptuna' (Fortress Neptune), and took indirect control of Bulgaria and Romania through Nationalist puppet governments. Constantinople was established as a free state under a new king, with Europe hesitant to rename the Byzantine empire revived.
Dazyc Class 4th Rate Ironclad
Pteroslavia's first Ironclad. The first 12 vessels(top) were built on converted steam-sloop hulls, whilst the remaining 20 of the series(bottom) were built on newly refurbished hulls in the port of Odessa. Patrols were organized along coastlines and rivers, with patrols allowed into the interior of Bulgaria, Serbia, and Hungary to help keep the peace as requested by the governments of those nations. Partially out of a desire to keep peace on the southern reaches of the Kingdom, and also out of a desire to spread Pteroslavian influence and power across the Balkan Region.
Cetus Class Bomb Cruiser
Commissioned by my friend and roommate, who just so happens to have a nation in my alt world. Used during our era of Napoleon, in which early breechloaders and steam propulsion made a definitive impact. Currently uploading from my phone.
Ain't it funny how things go?
From 7, just a few months ago, now its just two of us living here.
Way too much room for just us and the cat. even when my girlfriend is here with us, even though she's not now, we're paying more than we need to, but we just don't have the money to pay everything off and get to somewhere that fits us better.
Finally my roommate got a job, it'd been almost a year since he was able to get one, and he's really enjoying it which is great. Surprisingly enough, I'm still hanging on to my own job at the 7-11. I love my co-workers and the assistant managers, even if the real manager isn't my favorite, and I enjoy helping people, even if its just the slightest thing. 
Still doesn't stop me from wanting to strangle someone occasionally, but that's customer service for you, right?
Since I was hired, I've now trained 2 people on 3rd shift, and one of them was fired not long ago. He just wouldn't show up for work, and they'd have to call me out to make up for it, so I guess he brought it on himself, even if he did seem like an OK guy.
The woman who trained me quit because of some disagreements with upper management, and we've lost 4 other people in the last few months. Makes me glad that I wasn't one of the ones that got fired, though occasionally miss the ones who did. Sometimes I wonder if it's a mistake to consider my co-workers my friends? I mean, when you depend on someone, and have to work with them for 5-10 hours a day, its hard not to bond with someone, no matter how different you may be.

I feel bad that I haven't continued my designs and thoughts, but I just can't put together anything in my head. I've got 4 different half-made rifles sitting in a .pdn file, but I just can't bring myself to finish them. Even just conceptual ideas on what direction Pteroslavia will go when faced with this situation or another. I think it's when I look at it, I feel like it's not enough. Not enough designs, not enough ideas to make something concrete, not enough to matter. Which, in reality may be the case. I guess none of it matters enough, but I still care about enough to worry about it. Kind of a vicious circle maybe? 

I look back on all the communities I joined, and the forums I posted  on, and all the friends I made, both on the internet and out in the world around me. I know I'm not good enough for any of them. That I never deserved the chances that I got and subsequently squandered. All of them, all of you that I've met. Such wonderful people and here I am with nothing to contribute to the greater whole. Nothing new to put into the grand scheme of it all. Just making it. Just trying to keep everything together, and not doing that good of a job of it either.

I know I'm not that active here much anymore, but I promise that I'm still here. I check in most days.
I love you all, Cheers.
  • Listening to: Starset
  • Reading: Art of War (Sun Tzu)
  • Watching: Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • Playing: Men of War
  • Eating: Maverick Red 100's
  • Drinking: Mega-Monster
So, it is, approximately 5:43 A.M, and I'm still up, trying to find something to occupy myself.

Been about a week now since I lost my latest job, this makes 4 now. 'Management decision' by the temp agency that I was through. They treat it like some damn wall, some kinda freaking safeword they can throw out, and if they do, 'Hey, thats all I can tell you.' Everyone else in the house has their own job, amazingly enough, with the company that 'decided' I wasn't good enough for their money. Everything was okay, up until lately, when the two other people (there's 6 of us, myself and my girlfriend included)  got a job with the same hours at the same place. My gf is back in our hometown with family, more-or-less babysitting whilst they get their lives straight, and getting stuff done that needs to be done. So, from mid-afternoon to 4 in the morning, I'm now alone. Just me and the animals in the house.

Already, my videogames are getting stale, and my inspiration for drawing has just dried up. No one seems to care enough around here to sit down and discuss that sort of stuff with me, but I've gotten used to that. I'm still looking for a new job, but I'm a little hampered this time: I cant use my truck while the others are at work. I own one of the two vehicles in the household, and the four of them (each vehicle seats three, see the problem?) need both vehicles to get to work and back. I would need to get a job with almost exact opposite hours they have, or, one of them would have to lose a job. for one, I'm not gonna force one of them out of a job, I couldn't, and if I could, i couldn't live with myself. And the jobs seem to have just dried up, no one has gotten back to me, not from when I applied a month ago, not from when I applied a week ago, not from when I applied any time. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Something that's not right about me? Like, how do I keep screwing up things? 

Anyway, I kind of just wanted to get things off my chest, so, if you read, I appreciate it.
Cheers, and I wish you all the best.


Matthew Horn
United States
Current Residence: Chester
Favourite genre of music: Metal, any kind
Favourite style of art: Manga/Anime
MP3 player of choice: one that dosen't need any specialized hardware
Favourite cartoon character: The Captain
Personal Quote: My Friends, I like war, no, My friends! I LOVE WAR!- Herr MAjor


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